Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf or artificial grass is made of a combination of synthetic fibers that look like grass and are considered a replacement for traditional lawn grass. They have come a long way since they were used on sports fields back in the 1960s and are now being used increasingly for lawns in residential and commercial properties due to their convincingly real appearance.

States across the U.S. have frequently been experiencing drought conditions that have raised the need for lawn alternatives with minimum irrigation requirements so that properties can have lush green lawns even during dry conditions without further depleting the limited resources. This is where synthetic turf comes in.

Synthetic turf does not need to be watered at all and has no traditional maintenance requirements like mowing, fertilizing, mulching, pest and disease control, etc. Synthetic turf provides a property owner with green grass all year round. Now, everyone can enjoy their lawns without worrying about the grass going dormant and turning brown in particular seasons.

Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation uses synthetic grass technology to install high-quality lawns that are durable, have no irrigation requirements and do not require maintenance. We bring you safe, beautiful, cost-effective lawns that will meet all the requirements of the client, whether it is for residential or commercial use.

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Questions & Answers

Here are some commonly asked questions about Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation.

Due to the long durability of the artificial turf, its green color remains bright for a long time. Artificial turf is durable, does not fade in the sun, is abrasion-resistant, and is non-slip. High quality and dense artificial turf creates a comfortable atmosphere in your property, garden, café, or restaurant garden.

It does not absorb moisture at all and is additionally weather-resistant (rain, snow). This is one of the great advantages of artificial turf and is recommended for outdoor cafe gardens and restaurants as well as residential lawns. There is no additional maintenance cost. Artificial turf is easy to maintain and does not require mowing or watering.

Synthetic turf does not need to be watered like traditional lawns, but a good hosing down will certainly help maintain cleanliness as it will wash away any pollutants or pollen that might have gathered on the grass blades. In case of spills or stains, they can be removed using the same products that are used to remove indoor carpet stains. If the grass blades of the synthetic turf become wilted or compressed, they can be perked back up using a brush designed for artificial grass.

Apart from having no traditional maintenance requirements, the benefits of synthetic turf are as follows:

  • Environmentally friendly: Synthetic turf does not need fertilizers or pesticides; therefore, there is no chemical run-off or leaching into the water bodies.
  • Sun exposure does not matter: Since this is not real grass, it does not need sunlight to grow and can be installed on lawns that receive a lot of shade.
  • Safe: Many brands of synthetic turf contain an antibacterial or antimicrobial that makes it safe for kids and pets to play in the grass freely.
  • No grass stains: When children play on traditional grass, they get grass stains on their clothes and shoes. With artificial turf, one does not have to worry about that.
  • No bare spots: High volumes of foot traffic on traditional lawns can lead to bare spots, but artificial grass is durable and can resist constant pressure.

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