Landscape Maintenance

Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation maintains properties at the level of excellence they deserve. We proudly provide recurring maintenance services to keep each property always looking its best.

A landscape is constantly undergoing change – plants grow, leaves fall, flowers bloom, soil nutrients changes, and weeds spring up. Due to these recurring changes, it’s very important to maintain the landscape through recurring maintenance plans and programs to avoid these natural changes causing a negative impact on the landscape. 

Regular upkeep is also essential to keep grass, plants, and trees healthy. Weeds are notorious beings; if left unchecked, they can take over an entire area, stealing precious soil nutrients needed by plants. Routine care is vital to ensure plants are not affected by diseases and their soil is adequately fertilized with the right nutrients. This keeps them looking green and lush, preserving the constantly fresh look of the outdoor space.

Constant maintenance of a landscape also saves money in the long run. Restoring a disease-ridden, pest-infected, or malnourished landscape to a healthy state is a lot more expensive than performing regular maintenance tasks like mowing, fertilization, thatch removal, trimming, pruning, pest control, etc.

Benefits of Landscape Maintenance

Regular maintenance of a landscape has a range of benefits. Firstly, it retains the aesthetic value of the property. Overgrown lawns, fallen leaves, patches of dry grass, etc., reduce the visual appeal of a property. From an HOA standpoint, this could affect potential residents’ point of view of the community and if the property is not well-maintained, against living within the community. As a point of view from a commercial business building, first impressions count. Even before the client enters a building or meets with the staff, the landscape is the first thing they see and notice. Knowing a well-manicured property looks inviting and increases curb appeal, the true value of maintenance affects the value of the community and business from the customer/residents’ perspective in a great way.

Along with landscape maintenance providing aesthetic value to the property for current and prospective residents/members/clients, commercial landscape maintenance can also provide a higher market value to the land. Increasing or maintaining the property value is always a benefit to any property, especially if there is any real estate involved within the current or future of the business.

How Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation Can Help You?

With Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation Maintenance Services, you don't have to worry about a single aspect of your landscape maintenance. We've got it all covered. From mowing, trimming, pruning to fertilization and pest control, we offer all landscaping services while keeping the health and best interests of your landscape in mind. Your landscape is safe in the hands of our highly qualified professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a potential buyer, client or customer visits a property, the landscape is the first thing they see. A well-maintained landscape most certainly creates a better first impression than an overgrown one. The aesthetic value of the property is improved when there is an investment in regular lawn care. In addition to this, it has been observed that a routine maintenance of landscape increases the market value of property by 5% to 12% depending on the type of landscape installed.

A professional landscaping company provides many services that can ensure not only a good-looking property, but also a healthy landscape. Hiring a company who has certified arborists that can monitor the health of trees, a team that can be there to provide disaster solutions if a natural disaster were to strike, monitor and maintain the soil’s health through proper sample analyses and fertilization, and provide pest control to protect plants are all essential and useful services to have available.

Mulching has all-year benefits. During the summer months, it retains the moisture of the soil, preventing the roots from drying up. It creates an insulating layer on top of the soil during winter, protecting the roots from frost.

Mulch helps break down clay which creates air and water passages in the soil. This makes sure the soil is properly aerated, and water does not clog and suffocate the roots.  Mulch also prevents weeds from growing by blocking the sunlight necessary for them to grow. Organic mulch breaks down with time, adding to the nutrients in the soil. This helps especially if the soil profile in a region has low fertility.

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