Landscape Maintenance Services

Down to Earth Landscape & Irrigation is dedicated to providing professional care to maintain and preserve the health of your landscaping.

Let’s grow together!
Aeration and Overseeding

Enhance turf vitality with our aeration and overseeding service, promoting lush growth and resilient landscapes.

Certified Arborist

Expert care for your trees with our certified arborist, ensuring health, longevity, and thriving landscapes.

Disaster Solutions

Swift disaster solutions – we restore and rebuild, ensuring resilience and peace of mind for you.

Indoor Peat

Enhance your indoor space with our indoor moss gardens, bringing nature's tranquility and beauty indoors effortlessly.

Inspections & Management

Regular inspections are performed to examine the condition of the landscape and identify solutions to potential problems.

Leaf & Debris Removal

Efficient leaf and debris removal for a pristine outdoor space – cleanliness and curb appeal guaranteed.


Each turf variety is mowed based on area and site conditions to prescribed heights.


Applied to beds and/or bare grounds to moderate soil temperature and retain moisture for healthy plants.

Seasonal Planting

Using knowledge of plants that will flourish in the local conditions and their blooming period is to ensure the right plants are grouped together for year-round color.

Trimming, Pruning & Edging

Performed around flower beds, curbs, streets, trees, and buildings.

More Services

Check out more of the services we offer to our valued customers to bring Natural Joy to their landscape.


Installing, auditing, maintenance, and repairing your irrigation system to ensure the proper amount of water is being used.


Designing and developing customized site designs specific to your property needs and landscape dreams.

Fertilization & Pest Control

Professionally assessing each property to formulate a specific blend of chemicals to treat and control your landscape.

Enhancements & Installation

Adding a unique focal point to your property to create an unforgettable feature with our team.


DTE Golf ®, which provides maintenance, renovation & management services, has a proven track record of improving the on-course experience, saving costs, and increasing rounds played and revenue.