Plants and grass need nutrients to grow. Without sufficient nutrients, plants will start to wilt, and grass will develop brown patches and start thinning. At Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation, our qualified professionals analyze the soil type and provide a fertilizer analysis for each landscape to identify all the deficient nutrients and enhance the soil to be the healthiest possible for all the plants. This also prevents overusing fertilizer. For example, soil in Florida already has a high phosphorus content. Therefore, the fertilizers we use on landscapes have less phosphorus concentration and more concentration of nitrogen and potassium.

Proper fertilization has various benefits. Along with correcting nutrient deficiencies in the soil, it makes the plants healthier. Similar to humans, the healthier the plants, the better immunity they have to diseases and are found to be more tolerant of stress as the health of the plants improves. Proper fertilization also increases the growth rate, enhances the color, texture, and appearance of the plants and turfgrass. Our professionals are careful not to over-fertilize the landscape as this causes leaching of chemicals into the groundwater tables and pollution of Florida surface waters due to runoffs.

At Down To Earth, we follow Florida-friendly landscaping principles and abide by the guidelines set by the UF/IFAS for fertilizer rates and timing.

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The best time to fertilize the lawn is when the grass is actively growing. The active growth period is when the grass has an increased ability to absorb nutrients because this is when it requires it the most. Most warm-season grasses go dormant during the winter months and should not be fertilized during this time as they do not absorb any of the nutrients. Therefore, it is recommended to wait until the active growing season begins in spring. For North Florida, this would be during the middle of April. For Central Florida, fertilizing can start in early April. South Florida lawns can be fertilized throughout the year as long as the temperature is warm.

NPK refers to the three major components of a fertilizer – Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). Each of these has its own functions.

Nitrogen is essential for the formation of protein in plants. Protein forms most of the tissues within the plants, and thus sufficient nitrogen means the plant will grow strong and healthy. Nitrogen is also essential for chlorophyll production, which gives plants their green color. Phosphorus is critical for strong root development in plants and seed formation.

Potassium improves the resiliency of plants. Sufficient potassium means the plant will be able to withstand disease, weather fluctuations, and tolerate stress.

The professionals at Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation choose the right fertilizer for each landscape after performing a soil test to determine the soil type and pH balance. This gives us all the information we need to customize the blend of the fertilizer to meet the specific needs of the landscape.

In Florida, many cities have fertilizer ordinances that do not allow the use of fertilizers from June 1 to September 30. Our recommendation is to fertilize the lawn using a controlled-release fertilizer before the restrictions start. This supplies the lawn with small doses of nutrients throughout the 3-4 month period when fertilizer application is prohibited.

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