Heavy rainfall can cause flooding in a landscape if it does not have proper drainage. Standing water is not good for landscapes as it jeopardizes the landscape’s health by causing excessive water stress on the roots of all the plants and the turfgrass. This will slowly kill them.

Another major problem caused by poor landscape drainage is soil erosion. Rainfall and other types of precipitation like frost thawing will cause soil runoff, thus taking away the top layer of the soil and reducing the quality of the landscape.

Poor landscape drainage will also keep the lawn grass wet or moist for long periods. This will increase the risk of fungal infections for the grass. Fungal infections spread quickly and create a lot of damage that is expensive to repair.

If the water does not drain from the landscape effectively after a rainfall, it will create water puddles which are a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests that can impact the health of the people using the area.

Installing yard drainage solutions in your landscape will prevent these issues and keep it functioning at its best for a long time, as effective drainage increases the longevity of the landscape.

Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation offers a variety of drainage solutions for both new landscapes and already existing ones. We have the skill and the equipment to design entirely customized drainage systems from scratch and fix the drainage problems in established landscapes through carefully planned renovation projects. From simple gutter diversions to creating complex underground drainage systems, Down To Earth’s expert team is dedicated to working with our clients to implement a solution that meets their needs.

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Improper yard drainage can cause some serious issues that can harm a property. Therefore, it is important to identify drainage issues early to create drainage solutions and minimize or avoid damage. Given below are some of the signs property owners need to look out to determine poor drainage in their landscapes:

Soil erosion in different areas of the landscape
Cracks in the home/building foundation
Bare and wet spots in the landscape
Water pooling beneath downspouts
Water stains on the building foundation
Heavy runoff in some areas
Fissures and rivulets of water being created

There are various types of yard or landscape drainage systems. The most commonly used ones are given below:

  • Channel Drains: These are generally installed in hardscapes like walkways and pavers to collect the surface water before it pools.
  • French Drains: These are some of the most popular drainage systems, and they are effective for diverting water flow in the areas of the landscape that tend to get flooded.
  • Yard Drains/ Catch Basins/Yard Basins: These drains collect the excess surface water into containers or basins and redirect it away from the yard through a sloping pipe.
  • Dry Wells: These are large containers that are buried into the ground. Their purpose is to collect the water redirected to them and then slowly allow this water to naturally percolate into the ground around the container through the small holes on its surface.

Poor yard drainage causes several problems – both minor and major. Some of the most observed ones are given below:

  • Erosion of Plant Beds: Heavy rainfall causes plant beds to be washed away each time due to poor drainage.
  • Water Puddles and Pooling: Because water is not able to drain efficiently, it causes water puddles in the yard and pooling on the hardscapes, which can cause damage.
  • Lawn Mower Ruts: Because the lawn is always wet, mowing will lead to mower ruts and tear the grass out.
  • Constant Muddy Tracks: Tracking mud into a house or a building when it is raining is inevitable, but poor yard drainage causes muddy tracks even long after the rain has stopped.
  • Water Entering the Basement: Drainage problems due to improper grading will cause water to enter the basement.

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