Aeration and Overseeding

Naturally, soil tends to become compact and hard over time. Aerating a lawn is the process of digging small holes in a landscape to remove cores or plugs of soil, thatch, and grass from the surface of the lawn. This loosens the compacted soil and decreases soil density, allowing passages for air and water flow which lets fertilizers reach the root of the grass and plants. The roots of the turf have more room to grow deeper, and now that they have sufficient nutrients reaching them from the fertilizers, they start to grow stronger as well.

With time, a lawn starts aging, and it is normal for the growth rate of grass to decrease. This causes thinning, and therefore the lawn density decreases. To combat this, overseeding is implemented. Overseeding it when new grass seeds are spread over the existing lawn without tearing it apart. Enriched soil is added to the lawn before spreading the seeds, and fertilizer is added after spreading to support healthy growth.

There are various benefits to this process. Aeration allows the turfgrass to gain a strong foundation as the roots grow deeper. This extends the life of the lawn while keeping it healthy. Overseeding keeps brown patches from forming on the grass and enhances the amount of grass growing on the landscape.

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Here are some commonly asked questions about Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation.

The best time for aerating and overseeding a lawn is during the growing season and when the temperature is warm enough (around 70 degrees Fahrenheit). This can be during the spring season or early summer. As Florida generally has warm-season grass, aerating and overseeding the lawn when the temperature is warmer gives the seeds an optimal environment to germinate in.

If overseeding to maintain the green color of a lawn throughout winter, then for North Florida, this should be done from October to November and for Central Florida lawns, overseed between October and early December. Frost-free areas of South Florida generally do not require overseeding for winter color as the lawns don’t go dormant in these areas. For areas of South Florida that get cold, homeowners should overseed when the daytime temperatures are consistently in the low to mid-seventies range.

During the aeration process, soil, grass, and thatch are removed from the surface of a landscape. These holes loosen compacted soil and allow passages for air, water, and nutrients to flow and mix in the soil. Because of this, these holes provide the best pockets for the germination of grass seeds as they now have a warm environment and enough room to grow and develop as a strong root system. It is always recommended to aerate a lawn before overseeding. This provides an improved foundation for the new grass and thus extends the life of the lawn.

Yes. Watering the lawn after a landscape professional has finished aerating and overseeding it is very important because the grass seeds need water to germinate. How long to water the lawn depends on the type of soil. Typically, each section should be watered until the water penetrates an inch or two into the soil. The seeds need to be kept moist throughout the germination period, but they should not be submerged. Depending on the precipitation forecast, the lawn should be watered less if there is a prediction of rain, and it should be watered more if there is a weather prediction of dry weather for the next couple of days.

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