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Home or property inspections are common practice to examine the condition of the property and identify potential problems. Landscape inspections serve the same purpose for landscapes. Landscapes are increasingly becoming extensions of living spaces, so these investments need to be protected and kept functioning at their best in all seasons.

Landscapes involve a lot of elements like irrigation systems, trees, shrubs, plants, pest and disease identification and control, soil, grass, etc. The maintenance and management of most of these aspects require professional knowledge as it might be difficult for most property owners to determine the health of a tree correctly or if their irrigation system is functioning efficiently. This is why professional landscape inspections and management are necessary.

The professionals at Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation perform comprehensive walk-throughs of the landscape to examine irrigation systems and determine the health of all the plants, shrubs, trees and grass. We ensure that every aspect of the landscape complies with local maintenance regulations – HOA landscape maintenance guidelines for residential properties and local ordinances for commercial properties. 

Down To Earth experts will ensure every element of the landscape has been constructed and installed according to contract specifications. Additionally, our specialists identify potential problems such as pests and diseases and suggest custom solutions to address these issues. We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach in our services. Instead, we provide solutions for each landscape according to its unique needs.

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Questions & Answers

Here are some commonly asked questions about Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation.

A comprehensive landscape inspection covers the following aspects:

  • Irrigation: Installation of irrigation systems is checked – valves, pipes, and heads. Landscapes are examined for areas of standing water or dry spots to determine efficient irrigation coverage.
  • Trees: Trees are examined for health and hazardous, dead, or dying branches. If there are tree ties, they are checked to make sure they are not cutting into the tree.
  • Lawn Area: Lawns are checked for color, grass height, health (pests and diseases), and weeds. Lawns should look edged and well-maintained.
  • Shrubs: The type of trimming practice employed is checked for compliance. The area under and around the shrubs should be free of debris.
  • Slopes/Ground Cover: Ground cover is checked for the presence of plants that are not meant to be there. The area should be uncluttered, and bare spots should be filled or replanted.

Given below are the multiple benefits of landscape inspections:

  • Protect the Investment: Landscapes involve the investment of time, money and effort. Landscape inspections help identify any potential problems in the landscape like issues in the irrigation system, diseases and pests in the green areas, etc. Recognizing these issues early helps a property owner take the required measures to protect their outdoor space from severe damage.
  • Save Money: If potential issues are not addressed early, they don’t just damage the landscape but also prove expensive to fix. Thus, early detection will save the property owner a lot of money in the long run.
  • Ensure Compliance: HOA landscaping guidelines are put in place for residential landscapes, and commercial landscapes must comply with local or county ordinances. Landscape inspections ensure compliance and save the property owners from being fined.

The line between landscape management and landscape maintenance is thin, but it does exist. Landscape maintenance involves performing regular maintenance tasks like mowing, pruning, edging, mulching, etc. Landscape management plans are more customized and extensive. They focus on maintaining a landscape through all the seasons of the year and modifying maintenance plans according to the weather conditions. For example, developing different irrigation plans for the summer and for the months when the region receives a lot of rain as the irrigation requirements differ during these periods.

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