Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Illuminating the outdoors with low-voltage landscape lighting enhances the curb appeal and provides extra security. Easy-to-install landscape lighting fixtures, including hardscape lighting, path lighting, and deck & patio lighting, a property owner can give a vibrant and soothing feeling to varied landscapes, from small gardens to large lawns.

Selecting the perfect lighting fixture that complements your property and building can be overwhelming. The professionals of Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation work with the already determined ideas with their innovative designs and plans with the sole purpose of exceeding the client’s expectations.

According to the experts of Down To Earth, landscape lights serve a much larger purpose than simply illuminating an outdoor space. They provide aesthetics that complement the landscape by highlighting special areas of the property and provide a safe and solid environment. However, landscape architecture and landscape lighting are also known to affect plant health and the energy efficiency index of properties.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting
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When properly installed and placed, low voltage LED garden or landscape lights help minimize the hazards that are associated with main voltage lighting systems, such as short circuits and sparks. The latter is one of the main causes of unfortunate scenarios like fire. According to our experts, low-voltage LED lighting solutions are specially designed to work optimally in damp areas. In addition, it is safe for indoor plants and garden plants as it emits no UV or IR (infrared light). A property owner should try low-voltage LED lights both to glam up and protect the property.

Low voltage landscape lighting is known for using 12 to 24 volts of electricity. You need a transformer that converts the usual 120 or 277-volt electricity in your property to 12 or 24 volts. Outdoor lighting compatible with the 12-volt system is wired in series with the transformer.

12-volt electricity has no risk of electric shock, which is why most property owners install low-voltage landscape lighting systems. The user does not have to bury the wire in the ground but instead can run the wire across the earth’s surface under a thin layer of soil or mulch (at least 6 inches deep). The wires can also be left above ground, depending on their location in the landscape.

Shading or lighting the aisles and entrances creates dramatic effects and achieves the best in the property. Since the fixture is just as important as the light it emits, you can choose from a variety of styles and finishes to find the best look for your space, whether it’s path lighting along the aisle, motion sensor light, or lighting with a very warm color temperature. With different light and color temperatures, you can create your lighting effects and control the lighting or fixtures with various applications and timers.

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