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In a well-pump system, a pipe is used to access the groundwater table, and a pump is used to push the water to an irrigation system. This is an alternative irrigation method to traditional irrigation water systems that use the municipal water supply. Installing a private irrigation well has a lot of benefits.

If a well is on private property, it is free, and there is no need to pay for the water supply. This will especially help during the heat of summer when a landscape needs to be irrigated more often. This helps protect a budget when there are price hikes in water utility costs due to water shortage during times of drought. This is also an environmentally friendly way of irrigating the landscape as groundwater is a renewable resource.

Installing a private irrigation well also significantly increases the property value if there is a possibility of selling the property in the future. It becomes the of the property and will provide amazing returns on investment.

At Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation, we have experienced technicians who inspect properties to assess the right depth for a well and then dig the well using quality equipment and environmentally friendly techniques. We guarantee a well-pump installation that lasts and provides the best quality water.

Well and Pump Solutions
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Questions & Answers

Here are some commonly asked questions about Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation.

There are two kinds of irrigation wells – shallow wells (also known as dug wells) and bedrock wells.

A shallow well is usually less than 50 feet deep. It draws water from the groundwater table and provides enough water to irrigate a garden or a reasonably sized lawn.

Bedrock wells are drilled deeper into the ground and draw water from aquifers. If watering a larger area, this type of irrigation well will be required. The exact depth of a bedrock well depends on the location of the property.

The professionals at Down To Earth are able to determine what the necessary depth of the well should be after a site survey.

A well location is determined in an area that there will be no future plans to construct anything else in that specific spot. State laws state minimum well placement distances from septic tanks, drain fields, chemical storage areas, and other potential pollution sources. These can be different depending on the region of the state. While some counties in Florida allow the construction of wells of diameter 2 inches or less without a license, other counties require a license for all kinds of well constructions. If you contact Down To Earth for a well and pump installation, we will get the permit for you.

While the initial cost of digging a well and installing a pump system to irrigate a landscape might feel steep, it is important to remember that groundwater is a renewable resource, and these wells will last. Therefore, this is a one-time cost. Considering the high cost of irrigating Florida lawns during the summer, there will be a recovery of the initial investment in a few short years because water from the private irrigation well will always be free. At Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation, we have a flexible cost system for digging wells. You can contact us for a free estimate.

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