Seasonal Planting

It is natural for property owners, both residential and commercial, to want their landscape to thrive in every season as they have invested so much time, money, and energy into it. No one wants to see a landscape looking lush and colorful one season and then brown and dull with dried-out flowers the next season. The best way to ensure a landscape has a colorful look the entire year is seasonal planting.

Seasonal planting begins with choosing plants and flowers best suited for the region one lives in. This will ensure that the plants thrive in the conditions and create an overall healthy landscape. The key is to have knowledge of the plants that will flourish in the local conditions and understand what their blooming period is to ensure the right plants are grouped together for year-round color.

This is where Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation comes in. Our horticultural experts are trained and experienced in creating landscapes that are healthy and full of color with plants that thrive in the Floridian conditions. We select plants that match the aesthetics of each property according to the season.

The professionals at Down To Earth don’t just install plants and flower beds to increase the curb appeal of a property but also maintain them by raking and cleaning the beds and using weed control methods. Contact us today to install seasonal plantings for a blossoming landscape that bursts with rich color.

Seasonal Planting
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Here are some commonly asked questions about Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation.

Seasonal planting ensures a landscape looks healthy and has color throughout the year. This has two major benefits for commercial properties:

  • Increases Curb Appeal: Well-maintained properties are loved by everyone; therefore, planting seasonal flowers increases the curb appeal and adds to a property’s value. This also sets a business apart from its competitors as it shows that the business is making an effort to create a welcoming environment.
  • Drives Value to a Business: Landscapes that thrive all year round attract customers more effectively than a plain outdoor space. Therefore, this will bring in more customers and generate more revenue for the business.

Apart from enhancing the appearance of a residential property, seasonal planting has the following benefits:

  • Easy Availability: When one chooses to plant flowers or plants according to the season, they don’t have to worry about enough of those plants not being available. As the plants and flowers bloom naturally in the season, they are available in abundance.
  • Save Money: Seasonal flowers are available locally as the blooms are in season. This can save money because the flowers would be naturally sourced, hence eliminating shipping costs.
  • Suit Weather Conditions: Seasonal flowers and plants thrive in particular seasons. Therefore, planting them in those seasons will ensure that they don’t suffer from inadequate temperatures or conditions, allowing them to bloom at their best instead.
  • Add to Property Value: Seasonal flowers ensure that the flower beds have color all year round. This increases the property value as a thriving landscape attracts potential buyers effectively.

To install seasonal plants and flower beds, the professionals at Down To Earth start by preparing the soil to ensure that it has all the necessary nutrients and good drainage; amendments are made as required. We consult with the clients regarding the flowers, plants and colors they want in the landscape and plant accordingly with the correct spacing between the plants. This will ensure that the flower beds look dense and not too compact at the same time. We aim to create a landscape that brings our client’s natural joy.

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