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When we talk about landscaping, people generally only think of plants, trees, grass, shrubs, etc. But landscaping also involves another component called ‘Hardscape.’ Hardscape refers to the inorganic or non-living elements like fencing, walls, driveways, patios, decks or any other kind of stonework.

Adding a well-planned and designed hardscape that complements the rest of the landscape will enhance the aesthetic value of the landscape and provide a balance between the living and nonliving elements of the outdoor space. Moreover, hardscapes do not require as much maintenance as plants and trees. Therefore, homeowners and businesses do not have to worry about additional maintenance tasks.

Patios are some of the most common hardscape installations since they make an excellent extension to any living or outdoor commercial space. For homeowners who are fond of entertaining, a front patio will make a great addition to the property as it will provide a larger space to host. Homeowners who prefer privacy can install a patio in their backyard. Commercial spaces can install arbors for visitors or employees to spend time in.

At Down To Earth Landscape and Irrigation, we install various kinds of hardscapes like retaining walls, walkways, patios and driveways. Though we work with all sorts of materials like asphalt, concrete, brick, flagstone, etc., we only choose materials that will blend in with the rest of the property and give a complete look. Whether a small installation is required or a grand one, we provide every kind of service.

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Adding hardscaping to your landscape can help fix grading issues in your lawn. An uneven landscape has soil erosion problems. Adding a retaining wall can help prevent it. Walkways increase the accessibility of your landscape by providing more hard paths for you to walk on comfortably. Patios and decks increase your living space and extend it outdoors, giving you a larger space to host events or interact with your loved ones. Moreover, hardscapes do not require regular maintenance like the plants and trees in your yard. Finally, hardscapes enhance your landscape and add to your property value.

Pavers are stones made of natural stone, clay brick or concrete. They are used for flooring patios or driveways. Paving stones typically come in smaller sizes with multiple color and shape options. This allows the customer to choose different styles to create a custom look, thus offering design flexibility.

Using pavers in your hardscape has a lot of benefits. They are extremely durable, and you will not need to replace them for a long time. They adapt to seasonal changes and do not crack easily. They require very little maintenance. They are also environment-friendly since they are made of natural materials.

The cost of every landscaping project depends on the customer’s needs. If you are planning on adding hardscaping to your landscape and are unsure where to start, the professionals at Down to Earth are here to help you with it. We can visit your property to discuss your needs and analyze your land. Based on the concept and installations you desire, we will provide you with a budget-friendly estimate without compromising on quality and aesthetics. Whether you want to uplift the look of one part of your landscape or create a design for the entire space, we guarantee quality service.

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