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Well-installed and expertly maintained sports fields reduce liability and keep athletes safe. Beyond the perfect surface selection, the entire artificial turf field construction process involves a comprehensive plan of action.

Field preparation, cost-effective planning and design, and the surface installation may seem a three-step straightforward process, but the execution probably won’t satisfy a property owner without the element of professionalism, especially someone who is looking for a field that enhances their return on investment.

Our Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation team always strikes a balanced approach with the clients with their expert guidance, incredible field designs, and remarkable communication skills. From the players’ or athletes’ perspective, to achieve a high-intensity athletic performance, our team believes in organizing, installing, and improving the sports field while considering each factor that affects the field installation, from drainage systems to amendments required for the field.

Sports Fields
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Questions & Answers

Here are some commonly asked questions about Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation.

Many factors, such as soil type, grass type, weather conditions, sports, usage, management programs, budget, etc., affect the ability of the sports field to handle high usage. Schools and communities may not have enough land to accommodate all students altogether. To meet the requirements of the sports field, the field can only be used before the turf becomes thin and the compression becomes tight.

A possible solution to this problem is basically to add a synthetic playfield to the complex that can be played on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Owning and using an artificial turf pitch will give you time to rest and recover the soil. Keep in mind that the artificial turf is expensive and not maintenance-free.

Each sport introduces a brief explanation and picture of dimensional requirements. All dimensions are metric standards and, in some cases, direct conversion of the empire. Since sports field installation does not only focus on appearance but also influences or impacts the performance of your athletes, the maintenance of green turf fields is vital. Field maintenance such as fertilizing the surface, aerating the turfgrass, preventing fungus, controlling weeds, and conducting pest control is crucial for a healthy sports field that lessens sports injuries, controls field erosion, and harbors fewer pests.

With athletes’ safety and a schedule of games to be played on sports fields, it’s critical that not only are they maintained at a quality level, but a field also needs to be installed correctly, giving it the best space for playing space for its designated sport.

Here at Down To Earth, we offer the best ground design services available. From specialized amendments and perfect groundwork to detail-oriented installation processes. We work with high-end installation equipment ensuring a consistent base and excellent turf options with varied other additions like drainage systems to personalize your field while transforming your outdoor space into a welcoming destination.

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DTE Golf ®, which provides maintenance, renovation & management services, has a proven track record of improving the on-course experience, saving costs, and increasing rounds played and revenue.