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Landscape Enhancements

From installing irrigation systems to establishing hardscaping and water features, landscape enhancements render new life to existing residential or commercial lawns without having them start from scratch. Adding another element or style to your landscape can help personalize a property while completely changing the feel and aesthetic of an existing lawn or yard. 

While outdoor lighting enhances a property’s curb appeal and increases the sense of security, hardscaping, such as replacing a concrete sidewalk, assists a property owner in creating a unique sense of place. At the same time, each landscape’s needs vary depending on the usage of the space, the people (or pets) around the area, and how accessible it is.  

Therefore, the professionals at Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation provide landscape enhancement services, such as planting of annual flowers, water features, hardscaping, outdoor lighting, etc., with perfect planning and execution, so that property or business owners end up with an incredible, unique outdoor space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adding seasonal colors through plants, constructing water features, or creating patios through hardscaping can be the best enhancements for small to large landscapes. A property owner looks for lush landscaping throughout the year, and non-living elements increase their property value as well as its curb appeal. From minor enhancements like including perennials to major enhancements like installing systems, these enhancements are valuable to property or home improvements that add the most value to your building.

Out of the numerous reasons to invest in a landscape enhancement, the top three reasons are to increase property value, personalize the space, and create an aesthetically eye-catching landscape that will attract new customers or homeowners. 

Before hiring a professional, consider visualizing the overall look of your property’s landscape. This very vision of a theme, aesthetic, or idea will help our professionals systemize the landscape with your desired enhancements, based on your budget, while maximizing your investment and minimizing the maintenance.

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