Water Features

Installing a water feature to a landscape adds another element to it on top of the existing softscape and hardscape. This will make the landscape more dynamic as water brings movement, sound, and a different type of element to the space.

A water feature brings a peaceful atmosphere to any property. Along with this positive psychological benefit, water also helps in clearing the air around a property, thus giving a healthy atmosphere to live in. A water feature also helps drown out noise and reduce noise pollution.  This landscape element can fit into all kinds of spaces in many different styles to match any landscape aesthetic.

The professionals at Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation are skilled and equipped to install these low-maintenance landscape features on all types of property, regardless of the shape and size. Bring the sounds of nature to you with our water features service.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Down To Earth, we install the following water features: 

  • Ponds
  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls

While specific maintenance depends on the type of water feature, there are some general maintenance tasks for all kinds of water features. 

  • Skim the water surface of leaves and debris weekly to prevent them from building up and polluting the water. 
  • Trimming the plants around the water feature will also help in controlling this. 
  • Clean out equipment like pumps and filters to prevent clogging and maintain their efficiency. 
  • If there are living organisms in the water feature, test the water weekly to ensure the pH balance and the right chemical composition are maintained.

Running water will not attract mosquitoes. Make sure to run water fountains regularly because constant water movement does not allow mosquitoes to lay eggs and breed. Stagnant water, on the other hand, is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Running a water fountain for a few hours in rotation every day should be enough to prevent mosquitoes from residing in or near a water feature. Another way to prevent mosquito infestation is to frequently clean out the water fountain. This can be done by a fountain cleaning solution and then draining out the water. This removes any existing larvae and prevents algae and fungus growth.

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