Reasons to Outsource Your HOA Landscaping to a Professional

As a decision maker for a Homeowner Association in Florida, you naturally become very familiar with your neighborhood’s outdoor common areas. One of the key responsibilities of HOA boards is to take care of the general maintenance of landscape and community property. Whether you recently employed a landscape maintenance provider, and are not satisfied, or you look after the landscaping in-house, there are numerous benefits of hiring a reliable, experienced landscape maintenance company that can provide service for all your needs.


Needless to say, one of the main reasons for hiring a professional landscaping company is the expertise of the trained teams, who have worked in the industry for years. When you hire a professional, they are able to easily and quickly identify your issues and needs to offer you the most relevant solutions.

Relying on your eye, and additional research can keep you going, but it takes expertise to maintain a gorgeous and healthy Florida HOA landscape. Professional landscaping companies have the certifications and licenses to provide you the peace of mind that your landscape is in excellent hands.

Save Money

Although, at first, it may seem to you like an unnecessary increase in cost, hiring a professional landscape maintenance company can save you money in many ways. Whether it is bulk pricing on materials, like rock and mulch, or the reduced risk of preventing future problems, money is saved.

You do not want to be troubled again and again by new unique challenges, causing budgetary issues, but have the peace of mind and confidence that an expert is looking after you and your HOA. This reliable, consistent expenditure is usually much lower than trying timesaving methods and keeping maintenance in-house.

Moreover, you will save money on payroll costs and there will be no need to buy any equipment (needless to mention equipment storage and fuel as well).

Reliability and Consistency

For the same reasons that a Professional Landscaping company can save you money, they are also consistent. When a professional, skilled maintenance team maintains your landscape, everything works systematically. When the members of your HOA see the consistency of uniformed workers, branded trucks, and quality teamwork consistently, it will instill confidence in them and they’ll be satisfied that the money they are spending is worth it. Moreover, the advantages of having one complete service provider can prevent the difficulty of having to manage separate relationships for different projects. Keeping it streamlined and clean will make your landscaping experience more organized.

Reduced Liability and Better Results

By having a contract with a landscape maintenance contractor, your HOA can avoid liability for landscape mishaps. As with a professional, experienced, and insured team, the likelihood of a mishap reduces considerably. However, when your association’s credibility is at risk, it is best to leave it in the hands of a professional company, like Down To Earth.

​According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 58,000 people in the U.S. are injured by gardening tools every year. This number increases to a great 91,000 injured by lawnmowers each year. You can avoid the expenses associated with any other problems that may come up from injury by hiring a reliable landscaping company. Moreover, outsourcing your landscaping requirements will also offer better results. It will save your residents time maintaining the landscape and will allow for quality, consistent results.

A Professional Landscaper Keeps Your Landscape Looking Good

Professional landscaping companies just focus on one thing: ensuring that your landscape looks good. When you and your board members have other tasks to focus on, a commercial landscaper does not and will carry out their job effectively. You might have said many times, “I’ll look into it later,” when it comes to maintaining your landscape. Outsourcing your landscaping needs can ensure the level of consistency that you need to maintain your landscape and which you won’t get if you DIY. Just let a professional handle it with their expertise.

If you are looking to outsource your commercial property’s landscaping, contact Down To Earth today. We provide a full spectrum of landscaping services throughout the year.