Tips for Incorporating Foxtail Ferns Into Your Landscape Design

Explore the captivating charm of the Foxtail Fern in your landscape design. Uncover expert tips for designing and caring for your landscape with these distinctive plants. Elevate your landscape with the unique allure of the Foxtail Fern.

Do you want something unique and ornate in your landscape? The foxtail fern is where it is at! These stunning beauties are not only colorful and attractive but also very versatile and would be a great addition to any landscape. In this article, we will try to reveal some expert advice on how to use foxtail ferns into your landscape design.

Foxtail ferns are characterized by the peculiar shape of the architecture of their fronds and the bright green coloration of the foliage; as a result, they are perfectly suitable for accenting purposes in any landscape. Follow these beneficial steps and you’ll improve the appearance of your landscape while getting all the positive attributes that foxtail ferns have to offer.

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The Captivating Lure of the Foxtail Fern

Asparagus densiflorus ‘Myers,’ commonly referred to as the foxtail fern, has an alluring appearance to it. Contrary to the edible asparagus vegetable, this plant has tender, pointed leaves that look similar to bottle brushes. This gives them an aesthetic value in certain kinds of landscape designs, such as where they are planted together with broader-leave plants or hardscape.

Apart from the aesthetic viewpoint, there are other benefits that foxtail ferns have for property owners who wish to redesign their lawns. Here’s what makes them a compelling choice:

Low Maintenance

Foxtail ferns are the epitome of low maintenance for persons who do not have time to care for their plants. Some popular species grow well in areas that receive filtered sunlight or even deep shade, and they do not need frequent watering. At Down To Earth Landscape and Irrigation, we ensure that our carefully planted flowers are well-maintained to minimize excessive maintenance, and create an ideal landscape design.


These ferns prefer to be planted in slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soil types, though they can withstand variations from the ideal. Because of this, they can survive in any terrain and provide green to almost any place, where other plants might not.

Air Purification

As is true with most ferns, foxtail ferns are considered to have positive influences on the quality of the air outside your space by purging such gasses.

Seasons Appeal

However not evergreen in all climates, the interest of the foxtail ferns arises from the structure of the plant throughout the year. Although they wilt in cold climates their dead fronds make it have characteristics of a winter landscape design.

Designing with Foxtail Ferns

Here are some inspiring ideas to spark your creativity:

Shady Sanctuary

The foxtail ferns love indirect sunlight and hence can be grown in areas having shades, like under trees or patios or similar ones like them. It can be seen in groups with dim lighting or some kind of canopy gathering around a walking path that leads to a bench-like sitting area, enhancing the overall landscape design.

Textural Contrast

Foxtail ferns are easily distinguished from other plants because their texture is quite diverse and can be combined with other plants to achieve a remarkable contrast effect. Pair them with broad-leaved hostas or flowering hydrangeas which will produce a stunning effect to behold. When it comes to picking the proper plants that will grow in harmony, Down To Earth Landscape and Irrigation is here to help you.

Living Wall Magic

Another feature that makes foxtail ferns ideal for planting is their ability to adapt to container planting. Use hanging plant boxes to build a step-like wall on your patio or deck – these glamorous ferns would do great there. Consult Down To Earth Landscape and Irrigation about appropriate containers and potting mixes to be used for the optimal growth of your ferns.

Water Feature Companions

The soft green of the Foxtail fern brings out the serene touch of water elements in the landscape. They can be planted next to a water fountain or any other water source to give the compound that natural and soothing environment.

Tropical Touches

Foxtail ferns have several characteristics that give them an exotic look about them. Integrate them with bicolor bromeliads and banana trees to form an exotic and cheerful atmosphere within the premises.

Care and Considerations

While foxtail ferns are relatively low-maintenance, there are a few things to keep in mind:


Although they can survive under some exposure to direct sunlight, it is most ideal to place the foxtail ferns under shady or partially shaded conditions. Placing them in inadequate conditions will burn the fine foliage of the ferns. Down To Earth Landscape and Irrigation can help advise on the lighting in your landscape and where your ferns would best fit in.


Try to maintain consistent watering of your foxtail ferns because they will require frequent watering during summer. However, be careful not to water frequently as this may end up harming the plant bearing in mind that it is sensitive to water logging. The experts from Down To Earth Landscape and Irrigation can help to identify how frequently the plants should be watered, depending on the climate and quality of the soil, ensuring your landscape design remains vibrant and healthy.


The foxtail ferns do not need frequent feeding as it is believed by some that this plant needs to be fed a lot. Moderate use of fertilizer in the year with the major application in spring is often advisable. 

Let Down To Earth Landscape and Irrigation Be Your Assistant!

Foxtail ferns are rather beautiful, very versatile plants, and they do not require much attention. When you include them in the landscaping, they provide that artistic feel and add texture, some form of attraction, and serenity to the surroundings. At Down To Earth Landscape and Irrigation, we pride ourselves in our capability to guide you, through the process of choosing the most suitable ferns, course you through the right steps of designing your dream landscape, and finally, offer you our professional services in maintaining the ferns and other plants in your landscape design. 

Give us a call today and together let’s enhance the value of your property by creating visually inviting landscapes!

Perfect Your Landscape with Foxtail Ferns

Foxtail ferns are one of a kind and can beautify your outdoor environment with a green touch and texture. With these tips in mind, the foxtail ferns will grow healthily, thus adding beauty to your landscape. While choosing these plants, keep the requirements in mind like the amount of sunlight, watering, and space that is required by these plants. Providing proper care coupled with good maintenance, foxtail ferns are an excellent choice in your landscaping plan. 

Start incorporating these lovely plants into your outdoor space today for a vibrant and lush environment!

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