How to Prepare for Hurricane Season 2024

With the hurricane season approaching us fast, the experts have started to prepare us for a bumpy ride ahead, so it is high time to get down to some serious business now. Although we cannot turn the clock back and prevent natural disasters such as hurricanes from happening, we can ensure adequate preparation for guarding one’s societal apparatus against the fury of such storms. From buying food to preparing for essentials before a storm and coming up with an evacuation plan, there are a number of things that we can do to transition from being passive victims of hurricanes but rather actively standing and fighting them.  

 Let us delve into practical tips and strategies on how to navigate through Hurricane Season 2024 with confidence and resilience.


Hurricane Season

Start with a Plan

Before a storm, even forms, gather information. Find the hurricane evacuation zone – states shall use the zones in ordering the inhabitants to evacuate. There definitely needs to be plans for oneself and one’s family, yes, and for that cherished lawn as well. This entails sketching a map that outlines the escape path and identification of a refuge area. Understand, that a prepped landscape is a less stressed landscape, specifically when one has to make a sudden rush for evacuation.

Prune the Overgrown Foliage and Undergrowths

Trees and shrubs are undoubtedly the pride of every landscape or garden, but these very gems can turn into deadly hostile projectiles during a hurricane. Another possible action could be inviting a certified arborist for an assessment before the hurricanes. They shall look and behave like a landscape SWAT team, pointing at the branches that are compromised, deadwood, and structural problems that could evolve into flying hazards. 

Cutting down unnecessary branches, branches that are weak, dying, or just growing in a direction that may lead to the branches falling on the property during a storm are some of the ways one can shape their trees in a manner that will help reduce on portions of the compound being exposed to wind-blown debris. 

Before the hurricane, the services of the certified arborist can be utilized in a Pre-Hurricane Tree Inspection offered by Down To Earth Landscape and Irrigation. We can locate dead branches, split or cracked stems, and other structural abnormalities that in a storm may cause damage. Contact with walls, fences, etc cutting and removal can go a long way in preventing wind-borne objects.

Consider a Proper Drainage System

The two astonishing features of a hurricane are heavy downpours and flood-like conditions. Do not allow the property to turn into a water war zone. Cleaning of the gutters is paramount, do so thoroughly to eliminate debris that might accumulate in the gutters during a storm. Any standing water, or water that takes longer to drain or flow than normal, may indicate a blocked swale and should be checked. 

Perhaps incorporate French drains or other drainage systems where the possibility of water accumulation is high as a way of avoiding water Build a perimeter drain around the French drains or any other drains around the areas where water may accumulate frequently. It is like creating a ditch with water so that to always have something that holds the water off in case of floods.

Have a Proper Irrigation Plan

This may sound surprising, but the irrigation system can actually work as the ultimate shield. In order to avoid this, disconnect it from its power source sometime before the storm breaks. This shut-off prevents human error of fumbling with the system during the storm and debris or water overpressure damage to pipes or sprinkler heads. 

Inspect sites and floors that have exposed sprinkler heads to possibly use covers in order to avoid losing them to vandals through wind-blown objects. Contact Down To Earth Landscape and Irrigation to plan a pre-hurricane inspection so that the irrigation system can be shut down for the winter in case it is the season. 

Embrace Windbreaks

Strategic planting of wind-resistant trees and shrubs can create natural windbreaks, offering a shield against strong winds. Down To Earth Landscape and Irrigation, may advise on the appropriate windbreak species to plant for the locality and the outlook you desire. 

Be Storm Prepared

The hurricane season 2024 is fast approaching and it is very significant to plan for it to avoid any inconveniences or even loss of lives. Activities like having a proper plan and being updated on weather changes will equip one enough in case of storms. Ensure to be very prepared and do not wait until the last moment to prepare in one way or another. The hurricane season 2024 is on its way, so let’s stay alert, protect ourselves to the best of our abilities, and begin preparations today. Stay ready – the time will come when preparedness will be vital in the life of any person.

Don’t face the storm alone. Let Down to Earth Landscape and Irrigation fortify your landscape. Contact us today!