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Proudly serving the region for more than 25 years, Down To Earth has earned the reputation as one of North Florida’s prime commercial landscape companies. As a full-service provider, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all areas of landscaping and irrigation, including design, installation, maintenance and repair.

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Landscape construction services including planning/design (concept, planting plan), installation (site prep, grading, planting), enhancements (fences, fire pits, outdoor lighting) and irrigation (audits, installation, maintenance).

Hurricane Solutions

Checking Trees for damaged or weak branches, pruning an bracing are included in disaster prep services. We also maintain a large surplus of back-up equipment in multiple locations to act when needed most.

Outdoor Lighting

Install an exterior lighting system to benefit your property to ensure security and illumination at all hours of the day. Choose from solar-panel powered, low voltage, LED and spotlights for your outdoor lighting needs.

Pest Control

Count on our licensed technicians to provide your lawn with the safest method of controlling weeds and improving grass while minimizing risks to property, family, pets, and the environment. You can have a healthy, beautiful lawn that is resistant to damage from insects and disease.



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