Landscape Installation

Landscaping is a great way to ensure that a property’s landscape is used all through the year. A well-manicured landscape depicts a difference between a standard lawn and a space that brings you peace of mind. 

While preparing your existing yard for landscaping involves removing the old grass and roots, it also comes with a set of instructions to carefully follow for the new landscape installation. This process requires to till the yard, add soil amendments, add organic compost, plant desired trees, lay sod, or irrigate, among other steps of landscape installation. 

From making a landscaping plan to personalizing the area through planting trees and beautifying shady spaces, all areas need attention and necessary maintenance, which is somewhat challenging for most property owners, given their hectic day-to-day life. 

Whether it’s installing features to create an aesthetic landscape or designing a well-maintained garden, Down To Earth Landscape & Irrigation has a team of landscape designers and architects who can help people get the most out of their property. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When you invest time and money in your property, it is important to ensure that your landscaping helps your investment and does not damage it. Landscaping allows property owners to control storm runoff and drainage, create a sustainable environment for local wildlife and birds, and assist in combating climate change while adding value to their property. 

With the professional landscape installation service, you can confidently create an attractive garden with eye-catching palm trees, beautiful gardens, and pavements. 

Communication always keeps things smooth, and good contractors handle it well. Down To Earth takes care of your landscaping all year round to ensure stunning views regardless of the season. The Down To Earth team not only installs the landscape in your yard but also manages it. 

The cost of a landscape installation project ranges depending on numerous factors. Knowing what you are willing to spend will help your contractor recommend the most cost-effective and important aspects of the landscape installation process. You can also see the layout and flow of different plant selections and other elements of the landscaping installation to determine the things that can be achieved in your decided budget. 

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